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Solymar Hotel

Address: Av. Charles Darwin y Thomas de Berlanga, Puerto Ayora view map

All the rooms in Solymar Hotel have an ocean view, from which you can enjoy fantastic and different landscapes. The hotel has a lovely pool with plenty of lounge chairs. A delicious breakfast will be available to fill you up and start your day, included in your reservation price.

The hotel is owned by Julian and Renato Perez, and was an initiative begun by Julian’s father, Jimmy Perez, over 60 years ago. Don Jimmy was born in Ecuador but grew up in the United States. He returned to Ecuador for a visit, spending part of that time on a fishing boat in the Galapagos islands, catching lobster. The event changed his life.

Captivated by the quiet atmosphere and peaceful nature of the islands, Don Jimmy kept expanding his visit until he was living on the islands. He decided to buy beachfront property on Pelican Bay. Don Jimmy initially built a house to accommodate the friends who visited him from mainland Ecuador, a successful initiative, depsite the area’s lack of infastructure and shortage of manpower. Word of mouth spread, and his cabin began to fill with guests who had heard about his hospitality, kindness and wonderful beachfront location.

He began adding more cabins in an effort that would later be known as Hotel Solymar. Years passed, and the hotel that once offered over 50 years of unforgettable visits needed a renovation. A new hotel with 17 rooms was built, with both comfort and conservation in mind. On 2 January 2006, the old hotel was demolished, and in its place began construction for the new hotel Solymar, which officially opened on 6 December that same year.

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